In Memory of Norman Mabika who passed away on August 15, 2009

Dedicated to our Fearless Guide, the World Famous Zulu Norman

Norman, thank you for giving us the time of our life in South Africa
We will always remember you fondly


The Magic of Africa with Zulu Norman (Norman Mabika ) , The Wild Animal Guide

Romantic, harsh, exciting, intriguing, breath-taking and  beautiful... Africa, the continent of contrasts, invites a travel experience like no other. While Africa can be shy and wary of strangers, Africa can take you into its heart and show you hospitality that is legend.

This is your invitation to experience the best of both the wild and sophisticated Africa with the dedicated Zulu Nyala team. With a range of accommodation that combines the best of hospitality with conservation, our highly professional team will help you to plan your trip, activities and excursions from start to finish, to ensure that you experience the best of the incredible regions in which the lodges are situated - whilst enjoying the finest of African hospitality.

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